Learn To Growl At Your Troubles

Rehana, a childless divorcee and a daughter of a single mother, never saw her dad. Very recently, she was left all alone in this world. Her mother, her only support left for heavenly abode.

Rehana asked me, “Why always with me? Why is life so tough for me ‘always”? I had no answer.

Later, in the solitude of my small bedroom, I pondered over the question. Looked around, expecting to find the answer. But, I was as answer-less, as I was when Rehana asked me that question.

I looked around again. But, found only cases of disparity in the distribution of “a easy life” to humans, by the GIVER of lives (whoever he is).

Mahesh, despite being an efficient manager, is always “termed” inefficient at work by his boss, just because he didn’t or couldn’t afford to “oil the already lubricated ego of his boss”. He sighs, “I am tired of my tough life. Can it offer simpler avenues for me?”

Raksha is unable to conceive just because of her husband who doesn’t want to visit a doctor, lest some problem ‘in him’ is diagnosed. His chauvinistic ego will be hurt. But she, who just wants to become a mother, is ready to go through any medical test or diagnosis! She thinks, “Oh! I want things to become simpler. I want to know what’s wrong with me, my husband or us?”

Bhavna is a young bride. She has a loving husband, but not a caring one. He cares more for his parents’ sentiments – whether the sentiments are justified or unjustified, just becuase they brought him up. Instead of being a bridge between his parents and Bhavna, he is only siding with them, on every ocassion.

Bhavna says in despair, ” Can’t he make my life easier by being a bit just? May he always care for his parents. But, what about me? Who will care for me? My life isn’t easy..it isn’t simple, just because of him. I wish he understood that!”

In all these cases, either it is an unknown force that’s making their life tougher, or it’s their own people. Whatever or whoever it is, the fact that stands tall is that, life is stressful..very difficult at times.

In difficult times, what can you do?

Brood, sulk, weep, curse or abuse?

You generally break down or stand up to fight back. For those who believe in God, seek His blessings to overcome the trouble or loss, and for those who believe only in their will, choose to fight back. But, in both the cases there is one thing that remains common, and that is ‘pain’.

You got to face it, come what may!

If you ask me how I face it myself, I’d say: I cry when I am lonely; I growl at my pains; I condition my ‘self’ to face it. I counsel my ‘self’.

In times when you have lost something – a person you love; a job that earns daily bread for you; a match that is symbolic of your self-esteem or anything close to your heart – you must stand taller and mightier than your loss, because life never stops for we, humans.

We never stop walking or moving ahead. The will to live and move on is inherent in us.

Ask yourself, which loss or pain in your life has ever been successful in bringing your life to a halt? The answer that you would get is: None.

So, never give up in the worst crisis of your life. Take charge of your mind, because it dictates the feelings of your heart. Nothing can be worse than the death of a loved one. We, humans can overcome even that! Such is the healing power in us. Such is the latent fighter’s spirit in us.

Remember: Problem, loss and resultant trauma are like coward dogs. They growl at us when we fear them. Once we stare at them, they run away, sooner or later.


11 thoughts on “Learn To Growl At Your Troubles

  1. flawless and fluid naration and carries a very good message……..the show must go on.Its so inspiring.Thank you.

    1. Dear Satyajit,

      Thanks for reading and appreciating my thoughts. Keep reading and motivating. I am honoured.

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