I Seek My Dreams, Not Perfection

Pir Vilayat Khan said: A perfect human being is a man in search of his ideal of perfection. Nothing less!

But, is anyone perfect?

I am born as a human being, faltering at every step; falling and then rising; failing and then succeeding. I am not perfect; I am not all-knowing! I am just a simple human being, made of flesh and blood and having a heart that beats and echoes countless feelings and emotions.

I smile often, but not always. I cry often and get angry too. I am a moron always, but often an enthusiast too. But, that’s me! Accept me or reject me, I will be the same till I breathe my last.

I know not, which behaviour or attitude of mine has hurt myfriendsand relatives. But if it has, I apologise. I am temperamental, rude and harsh at times, may be always, but I am not arrogant.

I own nothing that can make me arrogant. A life half lived, a journey half traversed, wealth not amassed yet, a career not strong enough. I just own one thing that makes me feel rich, and that is my family – My mother, my siblings and my husband. Their love is all that I own, that makes me proud, yet not arrogant.

I have loved enough, yet want to love more. I have lived enough, yet want to live more. I want to dance in the rain, count the stars at night, walk through the flower valley, sing melodious songs and collect countless pebbles and shells on the sea-shore.

Dreams unlimited, desires countless and worries boundless — These are my assets. Dreams and desires make me going and my worries keep me awake. This is life..my life in a nutshell.