How do you define romance?

Romance is the food for life..romance in any form! A life without romance is like a full-grown plant without fragrant flowers. I see romance in raindrops; I feel romance in air; I can touch romance in nature because, I am super romantic and I take pride in being that romantic.:D

I have seen people who see romance in different ways. Or should I say, I have seen people defining romance in their own unique ways!! It’s indeed amazing.

The pitter-patter raindrops on the tin roof and the gentle breeze in a cloudy day make me so so romantic. I just love them. Walking hand in hand with my love, down the winding silent roads of a hill makes up the perfect mood for romance.

On the contrary, for someone else, going on a difficult trek or cycling along long deserted roads, under winter sunshine with his love, may appear super romantic.

Or for someone else, the idea of romance could be reading a book or romantic poetry together with his love!

I find it strange, how the idea varies from person to person!!!

Interestingly, you rarely get a partner or a lover who is romantic of your type. In that case, what do you do? What if he finds it boring to hold your hand and take a stroll down the hilly tracks? What if he finds it tedious to listen to a romantic poetry that you would like to read out to him?

How would you feel that he dislikes going on a trek with you or go biking across the rugged Ladakh terrain?

Would you feel sad? Would you force him to become romantic, in the way you like? I am sure not. What would you do then?

Is it possible to be romantic all by and with yourself?

Let’s find out what a few of my friends have to say!
(Names have been changed)

Roshni: ” I love reading. I read a lot of romantic novels. On a rainy day, I feel romantic at heart. I sit on a reclining chair lying in my balcony and read my favourite novels, over a cup of steaming coffee. I simply enjoy these romantic moments that I share with myself.”

Mehul: ” My boy friend is too romantic. He keeps sending me romantic poems written by him through e-mails. I read them, but don’t understand anything! I rather expect him to tell me openly, in clear language how much he loves me. I just love open and clear romance.”

Ronak: ” My idea of romance is to display ones love publicly. When my girlfriend holds my hand in a crowded mall, I feel so romantic. I see romance in every gesture of love that she displays publicly!”

Monisha:”For me, the idea of romance is sitting over a cup of coffee, and talking about love, life and our likes and dislikes. The idea of being able to share every thought with my husband re-defines the idea of romance for me. Afterall, a romantic relationship can flourish in an open environment! But, my husband looks at it differently. He talks very less. He is more fascinated with adventurous activities. On our first wedding aniversary, he politely oposed my plan to go to Maldives; instead he propsed to go on a biking expedition! 🙂

All these accounts clearly reveal, how strangely the idea of romance varies from person to person.

I am sure for couples who differ in their ideas on romance, find it very frustrating. Since they love each other, they accept their partners in the way they are!

But does that satisfy their senses? In such a situation, what is the best way to give a satifying outlet to your romantic self?

This is a critical question, that even I fail to answer.

Would you try? 😀