Life is all about gambling!

Life is all about gambling!

Whatever investment you make, financial or emotional, each one has risks attached to it. In this gamble, someone loses and someone wins.

But, the stangest fact about it is that, neither win is permanent, nor loss. Victory and loss are like two seasons, which come to your life in cycles.

When you lose in this gamble of investment, you feel that the world has shattered into fragments and that it cannot be gathered to make one again!

You lose hope, you cry and make yourself believe that it is an irrevocable loss and you can never come out of it. But interestingly, one day time heals your wounds and pushes you ahead, to move on.

Be it a bitter break-up, death of a dear one or failing an examination or an interview.

Life gives you the ointment called “change” that changes your life.

There is an inbuilt healing power in you, that you don’t acknowledge!

You, including me are empowered with a strong ‘self’ that we turn a blind eye to, and when this ‘self’ tells you, “Move on!”, we turn a deaf ear to it.

The day you discover this strong mettalic self, hidden in your flesh and blood, you are ready to face very defeat, with a belief that ‘this too will be over very soon!’

When you face a low time, remember that highs are not far behind!;))