The last letter of Mira

My dearest Aarohan,

I couldn’t even realise how soon, how fast these days past. Today, it is exactly 3 years 1 month 12 days, that I have been sharing this life with you. Trust me, this time spent with you, was the best time of my life, since my birth.

The little things you did for me, meant a lot. I loved the way you cooked for me, whenever I was unwell and fed me with your hands. Specially the khitchdi that you cooked when I was unwell. It tasted so good. 😉

I can’t tell you, there are countless such moments, when you touched my soul.

Today, I am feeling miserable. The persitent fear and pain of leaving you behind is haunting me. I have just a week or so to live. And then, an irreversable journey, when I will be forced to leave you behind. I will be forced to take this journey to infinity.

I can’t stop my tears baby. I can’t!!

All these years, cooking for you, cleaning our home, preapring bed, washing your clothes, preparing French toast for you in breakfast and massaging warm oil under your feet, felt awesome.

I will miss all this in my next birth, if there would be any. ;(

I loved you always. But now, when I am leaving this sweet little world of ours “forever”, I love you more! A desperate desire to live with you is piercing my soul. I want to stay with you Aarohan. I really want to!

Love means so much I never knew. I always loved to be in a relationship with you, but I never knew how blissful it would be to be your wife.

I want to share so much, I want to talk so much. But, there is such less time. Death is inching closer with every ticking of the clock. I can see it coming.

Tomorrow, when I will leave you behind, don’t search me in bed, just hug my pillow tight. I am leaving the fragrence and warmth of my body in it.

I can’t even say, “will see you soon.” But, I will miss your arms, your kisses, your caresses and your every touch.

You have touched my life have touched my soul.

I am happy about one thing, that I am your better half.

Never leave my memories behind, but don’t forget to move on in life either.

Take care of yourself honey.

Loads of love, hugs and kisses.

Ever yours,
Mira ;))


Man’s mind: Tough nut to gulp

Many times it’s so tough to gauge the depth of human mind, its ability to think and judge. Specially so, when it comes to measuring the depth of a man’s mind.

When a woman thinks it is right, he assumes it to be left. When she says it’s night, he assumes she must have closed her eyes, hence sees darkness all around. When she says “it pains”, he assumes she is tender, so she feels the pinch like a stab.

Yes, a man only assumes facts about a woman. Be it the size of her bra to her heartfelt desires, fears and pains. And when a woman complains that she is misunderstood, a man says, “We don’t understand hints and whispers, we understand words, loud and clear.” But irony is that whenever a woman speaks her heart out, he claims, “she cribs a lot.” However, a single sensuous hint is heard like a bang on the door. Strange!

When a woman needs advice, she doesn’t need to ask for any and her man showers a bucketful of advice on her. But, when she tries to advise him, he says,”‘I don’t need that. Honey, stop acting like my mum.”

He never asks whom you are talking with or meeting outside home. He says he gives you space and keeps a close watch on you. But, hates being watched or followed himself. He seeks “space” for himself. A space untrespassed and unexplored.

He is a chauvanist, however educated and outgoing he is. He wants his woman to take his surname, to clean the house and cook for him (even after office), call up his family on festivals (even if he doesn’t bother to do the same with the woman’s family) and to make her wear traditional outfit in the presence of his family (even if he wears shorts in front of her family).

He is easy to fool, easy to win, easy to lure; but difficult to defeat. Because he is a “man”, a soft nut to crack, but difficult to gulp!