Kasab or Kasai: All the same!

On November 26, 2008, this man created havoc in Mumbai. Opening fire indiscriminately at innocent people of Mumbai. This man, Md Ajmal Kasab walked like a man-eater on Mumbai VT station, armed with AK-47; CCTV footage validate this beyond doubt. He killed mercilessly and indiscrimately; 109 key witnesses out of 1,820 witnesses confirm this. Yet the trial is on!

A senior criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi is defending Kasab. Since this seems to be an open and shut case, Mr Kazmi, Kasab’s lawyer has asked for a month’s time to advance arguments on proposed charges. What else can a clueless lawyer do?

Meanwhile, Kasab is getting the best media attention. He is making headlines everyday! Demanding things which only a guest in your house can ask for! Things like newspaper (Urdu only!), toothpaste, a stroll outside his cell and all the crap!

Meanwhile, Varun Gandhi, hurt by the NSA being clamped on him, said while addressing an election rally in Meerut, “In our country, Varun Gandhi is jailed under the NSA and was having lauki (bottle gourd) in Etah jail but Kasab is treated with tandoori chicken inside the jail.”

Now how far this is true, only jail authorities or Varun Gandhi knows!

Meanwhile, this silly brute, Kasab pleaded “not guilty” in court when dozens of charges against him were read out by the prosecution. On an earlier occasion he had claimed to be a junvenile. This is nothing but an attempt to waste time or mislead the court.

Now there will be argument between the prosecution and defence. Sounds silly! An open and shut case, yet it’s consuming hell lot of time.

A man charged of a serious offence like waging war against India, smuggling of arms and murder of innocent citizens, is being treated well like a guest. Reason? The Human Rights and all! Human rights for inhumane? Sounds ridiculous and seems an absolute mockery of the value of human life.

But that’s the law of the land. That’s the rule: Not guilty, till proven in the court of law.

Enjoy your stay in India Mr Kasab, till a judgement is pronounced against you. After all you are in the land of “atithi devo bava (guest is like God)! Till then all Indians will pray for justice. To be precise, for your destruction.