Letter from a wife…

My Dearest…

I am having a strange feeling right now; feeling of guilt, anger and remorse.

All these years we have been into a relationship, and I guess, we know each other considerably well.

There are basic differences between us, and that I guess are quite typical of two separate beings. I mean it’s quite obvious that two separate beings with two separate personalities are bound to lock horns with the drop of a hat.

But adjustments are also required to bridge those differences. And I guess both of us are doing the best in this regard. There might be many of my habits which you dislike, just the way I hate many in you. But we are persistently striving to make ourselves believe that we belong to each other despite all those differences. At the same time we also desire to correct each other, though we may not do so.

I agree none of us is “perfect” to the heights. I also know that we can “never” reach the pinnacle of perfection. Yet expectations thrive between us.

You expect certain things but never say, while I say because I expect! I expect because you are mine. When expectations are belittled by either of us, we feel hurt. That’s quite obvious. There’s no dispute over the fact that when a man and a woman get tied up in conjugal bond, they start expecting little things from each other. I don’t mean materialistic expectations, but emotional ones. It’s unavoidable, irrespective of whatever you say or feel.

It is quite known to us, that we are in love, and that’s perhaps the reason we are together. But I believe it’s important to assure and reassure, in order to enliven the relationship, or to be precise, to bring a catalytic effect to it.

When I tell you repeatedly that I love you, I need you and long for you, you will surely feel warm. When I tell you that I lust for you, besides loving you eternally, I am sure you will feel desired, When I tell you that you are the only man that fascinates me in my dreams, you will feel special.

When I call you in odd hours of a day, just to tell you that I was thinking fondly about you, your heart will be overwhelmed with emotions. And one fine day, when you receive a bouquet of roses, unexpectedly, without a special occasion, you will know how much I love you.

If I secretly decorate our bedroom with fragrant flowers and candles to surprise you, it will leave a lasting stamp in your mind and will move you beyond limits. If I cook your favourite food on your birthday, and celebrate it in a different way, you will know how much I adore you.

But do I really need to do all that? Does love need a medium to get communicated?

I believe the answer is sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”!

‘Yes’, when you are not expressive and ‘no’, when expressing love admiration verbally comes naturally to you. In both the cases, love is getting communicated. That means, it needs to be communicated, “come what may”.

“Touch” is a five letter word, yet houses the power of five thousand watts! It says all, or nothing at all!

A single touch can make you feel how much you are wanted and in what sense you are wanted.

A relationship based on just “sexual pleasure”, is not long lasting, It needs warmth, admiration and respect. But to top it all, psychologists have revealed that it is also equally important, as it is said to be the food for a growing relationship. “Nature’s law”, we call it.

Do we really practice it religiously? Let’s answer this question with “utmost sincerity”, in order to help our relationship grow healthy.

I remember, one day you sent me an SMS which read: “I want to grow old with you.” How warm I felt!

These little gestures of care and admiration make me feel so much “desired” and “special”. That made me feel that I am the most special woman in your life.

I don’t require the riches of the world, I just want to make our relationship grow stronger and fonder, so that we can understand the true clandestine meaning of the bond called “marriage”.


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