The Essence of Motherhood

Today is a special day for me. Sonu is in the Operation Theatre,  for her first delivery. My pulse is racing with anxiety and I am tensed.

Sitting all alone in this room, I am recollecting all the memories related to her pregnancy, from day one till date.

Since the time she conceived, till today, she has been through so much of pain and stress related to pregnancy. Being a journalist, a wife and a ‘would-be’ mother, all at a time, has been strenuous for her.

Watching her in these tough days of pregnancy, I felt the essence of being a mother. How tough it is to conceive and then to carry the baby for forty weeks, I realised this fact seeing her all the time.

My thought could rake up a controversy, but I really wonder who plays the greater role in parenthood; it’s the mother or the father?

After a lot of heart searching, I conclude that it’s the mother beyond all doubts.

This thought of mine is backed by my personal experience and a little research, or to be precise, it’s based on a little survey.

What I have noticed is that, in love making, it’s the man and woman, both who get the ecstatic pleasure of being “one”. Both enjoy to the hilt! And when the woman conceives, both get exulted. They start weaving dreams of parenthood together. But irony is that, it’s the woman alone who has to bear the pain and discomfort of pregnancy. She has to bear the trauma of labour.

I certainly agree that it’s nature’s law and what a poor man can do to share his woman’s pain. But there is something striking about it that is hitting my mind right now.

There was a time when woman was just responsible to look after the household chores and the man was there to generate income for the family. A pregnant woman at that time did not have to take any other stress, besides carrying her baby.

But times have changed dramatically. Women in quest of economic emancipation and equality to men (which they are yet to attain “literally”) have stepped out of the four walls of her household. She is today a daughter, a wife, a carrier woman and a mother. Life has become complex chemical equation for her, which she is striving  to balance. She now shoulders more  responsibilities and she shoulders them competently.

Man’s duty in the family is now lessened, as the woman shoulders it equally. Be it economic, social or emotional responsibility, man is no more alone.

So I believe, in today’s world mother is much more important for a baby than his father, if the facts I mentioned are to be considered.

By mentioning the word “important” I do not mean to disqualify a father from being an important entity. He no doubt plays a very important part in a child’s complete growth as a human being. But keeping in mind all the hardship a woman bears to carry and deliver a child, and later to bring it up, I firmly believe it’s the mother who certainly deserves to be lauded for the incommensurable sacrifices she makes for her child.

After observing the pains of a mother, so closely and minutely, I can just say, “Hats off to motherhood”


2 thoughts on “The Essence of Motherhood

  1. Too good Monu…I remember reading it just after Pihu’s still has the same freshness as it had then…keep writing sweety..

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